When to Consider Assisted Living

When your loved one is instructed to be discharged from hospital to home, what do you usually do after that? Depending on the situation with the patient, most of the time you drive them off straight to your home and reintroduce to them the life that they had before they were hospitalized. There are various factors that affect the place of recuperation for the patient, which is also taken from your personal situation as well. Patients over the age of 40 are mostly needed with complex, 24-hour care, and not all immediate family members are able to provide the care needed by the patient. This is where the assisted living service comes in. You can also check https://onlycare.com.au or more information.
Rehabilitation can take place within assisted living communities. As you can tell, these are communities mostly filled with senior citizens. They are the ones that require 24-hour care that not an average person with a persona life to live can really handle. These assisted communities employ professional caregivers that will take care of every patient until they have fully recuperated. Some of these communities provide assistance on patients that have complex medical situations from hospital to home and in need of nursing services. It is one of the services that the assisted living communities to provide occupational therapy and physical therapy room within their building so that its residents will be able to take advantage of its high tech equipment and be able to receive the required therapy several times within the day.
For patients that are expecting to go home after them having completed the rehabilitation, they need to inquire about the short-term care which usually lasts about 100 days or more. When you take advantage of this respite care services for your loved one, you can bring with you as little or as many furniture from your home as you want in order to make it feel for your loved one that they are still living at home. Senior citizens sometimes find the assisted living less restrictive than the usual SNF or skilled nursing facility setting, not to mention the better outlook on their recovery.
Other reasons that you might consider assisted living are:
Loved ones do not require therapy but they are not confident to go home just yet. The respite care services allow seniors to get their peace of mind that there is someone for them available 24-hours a day for immediate response and assistance to emergencies and many other things.
The family is not able to assist or provide the care that their loved one needs at home because they are too busy with their work or their family. It can also be that they do not have a safe place for their loved one to fully recuperate.
The patient or your loved one has experienced a lot of hospitalizations or you see that they are at the risk of being hospitalized again.
You are not sure if going home is truly a good idea, especially when it comes to a safe long-term plan.
Your family or loved one prefer the comfort knowing that the patient is being cared for 24-hours a day.

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