What are some benefits services for adults with disabilities? 

Living a day to day life as a disabled person has its own unique challenges. There may be mobility issues for some disabled people, and there could even be accessibility issues wherein it is difficult for a disabled person to get anywhere. There are certain benefits services that aim to solve those sorts of issues. Australia has benefits and services programs that are targeted specifically towards those with disabilities. If you are a disabled adult, it will be useful to know what kinds of benefits services programs that you can make use of. You can try to familiarize yourself with the following benefits services for adults with disabilities, in order to get a good idea of what to do in case you find yourself in any sort of difficulty.

Essential Medical Equipment Payment – This sort of benefits services aims to cover the costs that are incurred by the additional energy use of essential medical equipment at home. So if you are a disabled adult that has got to use some kind of medical equipment at home, which uses a lot of power, then this kind of assistance could be useful for you.

Access Travel Pass – This travel pass will entail those with mobility disabilities to use certain public transportation systems for free. This kind of travel pass is typically given to adults with a significant disability, whether that is physical or mental.

Carer Allowance – This benefits services program would give disabled adults an allowance or stipend to more easily afford a carer. Create A Sense of Place could be very useful as a benefit for disabled persons who need some kind of constant care. Frail people, such as seniors may also be eligible for a carer allowance. So you have got to check whether you could be allowed to receive this kind of benefit, especially if you are a frail senior.

Disability Support Pension – People with a significant disability that prevents them from working are entitled to disability support benefits. This pension is given to disabled adults to help support themselves financially. This sort of support pension is given to those with a mental or physical disability that prevents them from seeking employment. An example of a disabled person that can receive a pension is someone that is blind. This sort of benefits services would provide a monthly payment that will serve as a financial aid for disabled persons.

Medical Cooling Concession – If there is a disabled person in your family who has trouble with regulating their body temperature, then you are eligible for this kind of disability benefit. It entitles you to a discount on your cooling and utility bill per month. It would be more affordable to run your AC during the hot summer months.

Mobility Allowance – Due to the increased transportation costs of those that have got a disability that can affect their mobility, there is a benefits service that can help with those costs. A mobility allowance would cover the additional costs of paying for more transportation. And it also entitles disabled people the use of some transportation systems for free.