USPS vs UPS vs FedEx – Which is the Better Shipping Carrier?

Assuming that you own an online retail store, you need to decide how you are going to get your products to its destinations. It’s a good thing that many businesses today are engaged in online retailing, but one challenge that they need to face is when it is time to consider the shipping carrier. For businesses, it is best to provide as many shipping options as possible, so that it will be convenient for the customers to choose one that they prefer. Most online retailers choose USPS because it is the most affordable, has free tracking and wide array of shipping options. However, USPS cannot provide everything that the customer needs, which is why you are here to find out which of the three major carriers will work best for you and your customers.


When it comes to price, USPS is the cheapest shipping carrier option, although there is a limit to the weight that you can send the package to. What it means to be the cheapest is when the parcel weighs less than 2 lbs. Parcels that weigh at 13 ounces and less get qualified for the first class postage and they are even cheaper. As of this writing, USPS provides 3 primary shipping services such as:

  • Express Mail – which is shipped within 1-2 business days although it will depend on location
  • Priority Mail – shipment arrives within 2 to 3 business days
  • First Class Mail – shipment arrives within 2 to 5 business days

The USPS is the best choice among customers that are on a shipping budget and that the total weight of the shipment is less than 2 pounds. If it is over 2 pounds and can be fitted in a priority mail that has a flat rate box, USPS is also a good deal.

The low price with USPS comes at the expense of something and that is reliability. Aside from Express Mail, USPS cannot guarantee the exact delivery date that the customer will receive the parcel.


UPS is a private shipping carrier, and it is already expected how expensive this service can be. However, the price can be negotiated to reducing it to lower rate when you are going to ship a huge volume of packages. The UPS becomes a more economical shipping option when you ship a package that exceeds 3 lbs of weight. Added with ground shipping, UPS also provide the 3 days, 2 days or next day shipping, which depends on your needs.

And also, UPS is considered one of the most trustworthy shipping services available. You get to track the package that you sent and know exactly it is going. Hermes Removals has a reputation to deliver packages on time.


FedEx is the best option to go with when you want to send a package exceeding 3 lbs and you are on a budget. Even comparing it with UPS and USPS, FedEx is cheaper in this area. If you have an account with FedEx, you get an added 15 percent off from the shipping rate right away upon sign up.